The Cancer Center of Hawaii offers accommodating devices in order to provide optimal accessibility and fully support each person’s needs. We frequently utilize sophisticated devices to improve outcomes and treatment effectiveness, in some cases shortening treatment times by two to three weeks. Our accommodating devices include the Big Bore CT Simulator and the Prone Breast Board Treatment, available at all of our locations.

Big Bore CT
Accommodating Device - Big Bore CT

The Cancer Center of Hawaii offers Hawaii’s first Big Bore CT Simulator to accommodate patients in immobilization devices, those with monitoring devices or very large patients unable to fit comfortably or safely in other CT technology. During simulation, the Big Bore CT scanner helps identify tumor volume and locate the region to be treated and determines the best arrangement of radiation beams to provide the greatest benefit for the patient.

Prone Breast Board Treatment
Accommodating Devices - Prone Breast Board

This breast cancer therapy treats patients with radiation face down so breast tissue can be radiated with less impact on the internal organs like the heart and lungs. It is available at each of our locations.

Accommodating Devices - Spaceoar

SpaceOARTM (Organs at Risk) offers peace of mind for prostate cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy. An innovative device created to reduce the risk of injury during radiation, SpaceOAR is made of an absorbable hydrogel that separates the rectum (an “organ at risk”) from the prostate and significantly minimizes the chance of rectal complications by reducing radiation exposure. The biocompatible hydrogel spacer is put in place during a minimally invasive procedure and is absorbed into the body after a period of three months. We use SpaceOAR VueTM, a next-generation spacer that offers enhanced visibility via CT scan, helping improve accuracy in treatment planning and positioning.