At Cancer Center of Hawaii, we treat each patient like family, offering hope and support with the latest technology and treatments. We have many of the advanced cancer-fighting technologies you’ll find anywhere in the world so we can do what is right for each patient. From the moment you walk inside our facilities, you’ll see what a difference our patient-centered care makes. From the time we spend discussing treatment options with you and your family to talking you through every step of the process, we take care of you as if you were a part of our own family. With forward-thinking physicians who are personally dedicated to innovating to solve even the most challenging problems, our cancer center is here to provide every patient with the best possible options.

Though each member of our multi-disciplinary, collaborative cancer physician team brings highly specialized skills to the Center, they all share a common philosophy — doing what is best for each individual patient to maximize the chances of curing cancer, and maintaining quality of life.

Specialized Treatments

The high-tech treatments we use are unique and innovative, designed to approach fighting cancer in a new and different way than traditional treatment options. We choose therapies that offer better results with less risk.

Specialized Technology

The cutting-edge technology at the Cancer Center of Hawaii is chosen for its efficiency, productivity and safety. With resources such as these, we give our patients and their families the confidence and hope they need to get through a challenging time.


We’re here for you through every step of the cancer treatment and recovery journey. Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions, or schedule a visit to speak one-on-one with our physician team.

Patient Process

Starting cancer treatment doesn’t have to be intimidating. With plenty of communication and prepping, we’ll do all we can to make sure you feel comfortable and are ready to begin. Read about the Patient Process.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone at the Cancer Center of Hawaii is dedicated to upholding the rights of each patient we treat. Read through our Patient Rights and Responsibilities to help you understand your role.